The trend of wedding tourism in Italy has exploded. Wedding tourism gives to couples the possibility of going to a foreign country to crown their dream of love.

Tuscany is in first place among the destinations preferred by foreigners for international weddings. This beautiful region, that has hosted large VIP weddings such as the one of the couple Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, and Anushka Sharma, Bolliwood actress, in December 2018, is the most chosen among Italian destinations for the big day (31, About 8%), even in periods unrelated to mass tourism.

But what nationality are the couples who choose Tuscany for their wedding?

English, american, australian and german couples are present in the first places, but there is a strong increase in wedding tourism from China, India and Russia.

According to data from the Tourist Study Center, Tuscany hosted 2,567 marriages of foreign couples in 2018, with an average cost of € 54,980 each.

This means that one third of the foreign marriage business is located in Tuscany. For weddings, located in different provinces of the region, locations such as villas, holiday farms, castles and luxury hotels have been privileged.

A phenomenon of this magnitude involved, of course, a large number of operators, even marginally, in all the sectors concerned: photographers, event organizers, various types of suppliers, operators in the tourism and catering sectors. The appreciation for the many monuments, for the art preserved in these lands, combined with the rich culinary and oenological tradition represent, apparently, represents a winning mix in the eyes of the citizens of other countries who see wedding in Tuscany as a dream that would be true.

And what about the wedding season? The best months to say “yes” are from May to September, but there is an increase in requests even in the low season.

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